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Waiting for Alstonia (in prep)

Role: Director/Producer

Filmed: 2022

This is not only a story about chimpanzees, but also about people, pathogens, climate change, and running out of time. Alstonia tells the story of a race against the clock, an attempt to unlock the bank of chimpanzee medicinal knowledge and identify the plants they need to survive—before it is too late.


As climate change and habitat destruction continue to disrupt natural processes, humans and chimpanzees are being displaced and losing access to familiar flora. As the story unfolds, we realize we are not only fighting to save the chimpanzees and their forest homes, we are fighting for our own survival. As the growing threat of anthelmintic and antibiotic resistant pathogens looms large, we may need to return to nature’s pharmacies for solutions. But without our primate cousins to point us in the right direction, will we have a chance at finding the medicines we need? Or will it be too late?

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Geresomu (in prep)

Role: Director/Producer

Filmed: 2022 (Uganda)

This 15-minute short-doc explores the life and experiences of my collaborator Geresomu, a Ugandan primatologist who has been working at the Budongo Conservation Field Station for more than half of his life. Geresomu has seen first-hand how the forest has changed over the last three decades, watched chimpanzees grow up from infant to alpha, can identify every plant in the forest, and has witnessed innumerable rare and invaluable behavioral events, many of which remain unrecorded in the academic literature. Geresomu speaks of raising his children amongst the chimpanzees, his feeling of connectedness to Budongo, and his hopes for the future of the forest.

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The Danglin' Pangolin 

Role: Co-Director

Filmed: 2020


Danglin' Pangolin is a stop-motion animation made in the midst of Covid-19 when pangolins were being blamed for the spread of the virus. Released on World Pangolin Day, our aim was to spread awareness about the plight of the pangolin and draw attention to the illegal poaching of these critically endangered animals.

Research and Development

My expertise lies in producing documentaries, with a specialization in researching and developing stories related to environmental issues, science, wildlife, and space. I excel in in-depth research and shaping scientific stories into compelling narratives. I enjoy crafting engaging documentaries that not only captivate audiences but also offer fresh perspectives on critical topics.

Props and Graphics

Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas (music video) -John Legend (2018)

Release (web series) - Directed by Joe Penna (2020)

IBM 'Dewey' marketing campaign -Produced by Atlantic Pictures (2019)

Other clients included Durst, SL Green, Allianz, Amex, Nasdaq and more. Design portfolio available upon request.

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